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Mark McAllister R.M.T.

Great Benefits For Everybody

Mark McAllister R.M.T

Mark McAllister R.M.T.

It wasn’t until I was 16 that I was introduced to any kind of “alternative therapies”. Like most people I thought having my regular check-up at the family physician was the way to go.It wasn’t until I was having debilitating headaches on an almost daily basis that I knew Western medicine simply didn’t have all the answers. I was put through a battery of tests trying to determine a cause but all the tests would come back inconclusive or negative, my doctor not knowing where else to go brushed me to the side and told me to take some aspirin when I needed to.

Over the Course of the next six months or so I did what I was told but at best all the aspirin did was take the edge off and never solved anything. I became frustrated and didn’t know where to turn until somebody told me to check out a local chiropractic and massage clinic. It was explained to me that a person’s posture plays a big role in how they feel and that if you have bad posture, (and I did) it forces your muscles to work in a compromised state as well placing pressure on your spinal cord. I started a treatment plan of massage and chiropractic and immediately began to see changes. It was then that I knew I wanted to be involved in the health industry.

I later discovered I had a natural ability for massage and was able to help my mom with her headache pain where others hadn’t had any success; from here in I knew massage therapy was the path for me.

I personally believe massage has great benefits for everybody, whether your stress levels are high, you need pain relief, or you are training for an athletic event; massage is multi-faceted and will be a great addition to your health care regiment.

Mark attended the advanced diploma massage therapy program at Lambton College in Sarnia where he had the opportunity to provide outreach services to the public through the student clinic, the long term care ward at Petrolia hospital, and at treating medically fragile children at Bridge View public school. Since completing his schooling he’s had the ability to work in various setting including the Rehabilitation, Fitness and Spa industries. He strives to provide the best care possible and frequently seeks to upgrade his education to do so.

*If you have any questions about massage therapy, please contact Mark at 519-837-1234.

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