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Results Continued

Dr. Dan has helped me with my overall training consistency

My name is Richard Singh, I am a 4-time World Champion Bench Press competitor, and have broken and held 4 World Records. I have been working with Dr. Dan Vitale since February 2012. When I met Dr. Dan I was 350lbs, and benching approx 550lbs comfortably.

I have done my last two competitions with Dr. Dan having a controlling role in my care, Nationals and North American championships respectively. I benched 601lbs at Nationals a personal best and then lifted 639lbs six weeks later at North Americans a 38lb personal best and new current junior world more»

I’m now 320lbs and handling in the low 700lb ranges. I’m getting ready for World November 7th in Las Vegas. Where I hope to lift 700lbs+ at 305lb bodyweight.

Dr. Dan has helped me with my overall training consistency and making sure that all of the little problems that arise while training hard don’t go ignored and develop into something more. His cutting edge, comprehensive care approach has been critical in the leaps of improvement I have made over the last 9 months under his supervision.

My career highlights are:
Best Heavyweight Teen Bencher AWPC Worlds: 2007
Best Heavyweight Teen Bencher WPC Worlds: 2008
Best Heavyweight Junior Bencher AWPC Worlds: 2011
Best Bencher CPF Nationals: 2012
Best Junior Bencher Can-Am Championships: 2012
AWPC Teen 18-19 World Record 125kg: 207.5kg (2007)
WPC Teen 18-19 World Record 140kg: 255kg (2008)
AWPC Junior World Record 140+kg: 272.5kg (2012), previously mine at 240kg (2011)

– Richard S.

Smallest clothing size since a teen!

The impacts the Maximized Living program has had on my life are HUGE! And the reality is that those impacts have had a ripple effect on my family and friends as the progress made has become more apparent and has been sustained over a long period of time.

The specific changes I’ve experienced have included (in order of how they unfolded over the past six months): increased energy levels, elimination of early signs of arthritis, almost full recovery from extensive lower back pain/problems, improved sleep patterns, improved stress management, improved personal time & financial management, 20 pounds of weight loss (that I had pretty much given up on), regulated menstrual cycle, best fitness levels of my life, smallest clothing size I’ve ever worn during my late teen/adult years, overall improvement in life satisfaction and general feeling of more»

I really can’t thank the clinic (and specifically Dr. Vitale) enough for offering my family the opportunity to participate in a program like this. It’s amazing how over the years I established patterns that became a way of life and something that just “was”. It’s not to say that there is no more stress or that I don’t have to continue to manage my relationship with food but I have honestly accomplished something I didn’t think was attainable six months ago.

To say that my back rarely bothers me anymore is literally unbelievable. Only two years ago, I was taking pain meds to cope with my back problems so I could make it through a workday!  My three children have also adopted better eating and exercise habits as a result of my husband and I setting the example. They now comment on the poor food choices they see around them in their school environment, they read labels, and they have a better foundation for making daily healthy choices.

Together, my husband and I have lost 6 inches off our waistlines and are both feeling great!

– Judy B.

I LOVE the amount of time it takes for an adjustment!

Dr. Brent is a very experienced chiropractor, he is the best chiropractor in the area. I have been his patient since 1995 and I only can comment positive things about his clinic and practice. The staff and Audrey his office Manager are very friendly, fun and professional. Many times in the past when I needed an emergency treatment over the holidays, Dr Brent always took care of me. He really deserves appreciation for what he does for his patients. I love the amount of time it takes for an adjustment, I don’t like to wait for long and also I am not looking for a 30 minute, inexperienced chiropractic adjustment.

– Laslo R.

The relief has brought tears to my eyes & I am truly grateful!

Due to an accident in 1969, I was paralyzed from my chest down. In 1970 my lower back was fused and I have been in pain ever since. I saw Dr Brent initially to ease my calf pain because he had helped my friend so much. Not only did he ease my calf pain, but also my neck and back. After just 2 treatments the pain in my neck and back for 42 years was nearly gone. This relief has brought tears to my eyes, and I am truly grateful!

– Ed

No more Bells Palsy!

We have been patients of Dr. Brent for almost 10 years. Recently I was unexpectedly diagnosed with Bells Palsy – I immediately went to Dr Brent as I learned it is a pinched nerve stemming from the brain. Upon hearing horror stories about lengthy recovery times, I was very worried. He discussed it all with me and made me feel relaxed about the healing process. The most impressive thing though is that this occurred just before Christmas and knowing I needed daily care – he made sure I got my treatment – even coming by my house!! When was the last time your Dr came by your house!! My children and I faithfully get treated by Dr. Brent – he is caring, knowledgeable and very willing to go the extra mile to care for his patients!! We believe in chiropractic adjustments for well-being and we believe Dr Brent is a fabulous chiropractor!! Our spinal health can prove it!!

– Lynn W.

Worth driving 90 minutes for!

I had a sore neck that was getting worse to the point where it was stiff and painful to turn my head. I started by asking for help from my regular doctor and after hour long physiotherapy and osteopath sessions, I was no better off after the sessions than I was before I went in. I was at a multicultural festival and found Dr Brent offering spinal assessments so gave him a try. I have been going to his clinic since then and the treatments are efficient, effective and FAR more helpful that the hour long sessions with the other more»

I found Dr Brent’s attitude towards educating his patients very refreshing and empowering. His dedication to providing education sessions on health are to be commended, and the information provided is practical and useful. It’s a 45 minute drive from where I work to his office and another 45 to get home again, and I have found it worth it to go the distance for that quality of service.

– Anonymous

Take a chance… All you have to lose, is the pain!

Don’t go to a Chiropractor” I was told. By those of course who hadn’t been suffering from back pain for 1 year and 3 months!  I went to my family doctor and was asked to get an x-ray.  They came back “normal”  There was nothing wrong with me !!!  I was recommended to go to a Chiropractor by my doctor but that fear in me said not to.  So I went to the Physiotherapist. I was diligent with the exercises but it didn’t help.  It wasn’t cheap either!!  I had done yoga and meditation on-line for back pain without any results.  I had given up.  The rest of my life was going to be spent in pain.  Yet I had been told that there was nothing wrong with me!!!read more»

One night I was out for dinner, and fate had me bump into an old friend I hadn’t seen in 18 years.  I had told her about my back, as I told everybody being that that was my answer to “What’s new with you?” question.  Nothing new, just old and painful!  She had recommended I call the Family Chiropractic Centre.  I said no immediately.  I let her know I was afraid that I was going to be either hurt, or never able to stop going.  As I’ve heard as one of the “good reasons not to go”.  She had then told me how gentle my sessions would be.  Something then told me, it was the right thing to do.

The very next day I called and booked my appointment with Dr Frank.  I had brought him my xray CD so he didn’t have to worry about doing the xray there.  He explained to me how important it was to do an xray at the Centre because they would be taken with me standing, not laying down as done at the xray clinic, potentially showing why I have this unknown pain in my back.  The next visit was to educate me on my xrays.  (along with many information sessions to follow… can’t wait!! BTW there are no additional fees for the monthly wellness lectures on exercise, stress and healthy eating.

This is truly a “Care” Centre)  After seeing my xray results, I could see why I had been in such pain!! I couldn’t believe that I had been undiagnosed for so long.  So my first adjustment. I was terrified!! I slowly go ready, and Dr Frank did his first adjustment. I jumped off of the adjustment table, and started to laugh hysterically out of shear relief!! I then realized that my back didn’t hurt.  For the first time in 1 year and 3 months!!  I haven’t had any back pain since and it’s been 3 months.  Coincidental? Not a chance!! If you are nervous, or have been advised otherwise… Take a chance… All you have to lose, is the pain!!!

– Sarah M.



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