img1Terry Johnston

“My life is better and I am happier with this ‘Family’ in my life”

I receive a life sentence…of chronic pain, pills, being bedridden and in a wheelchair, at the age of 40! The “best” of neurosurgeons told me “You’re stuck!” I had no quality of life. At age 44, my husband directed me to a “Chiropractic care” information session I opened my mind and listened. Dr. Brent personally said to me he had enough HOPE and FAITH for both of us, because…
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img2Montaha Hidefi

“I am forever thankful for his caring hands and will always feel grateful…”

‘Sublux’ what? That was my reaction when I heard Dr. Frank Dallan talking about ‘subluxation’. Over the last 20 years; owing to my life style and constant traveling and relocation between North America, the Middle East, Asia and Europe, I have been to countless chiropractors around the world, however, no one has ever come close to mention, let alone explain, vertebral subluxation. Last week…
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“Just 6 months later..after failed in-vitro fertilization…I became pregnant”

I came to Family Chiropractic for care after receiving treatment at another center for 2 years. I had adjustments but never felt like my issues were resolved. Working in a profession that constantly puts stress on my neck and back, and struggling with infertility, I felt I needed to seek out another opinion. My spouse had been a patient of Dr. Brent’s for 4 years and…
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img4Glenda Dicke

“No results with my doctor…Now I’m back to the YMCA 5 days a week!”

Upon visiting the Family Chiropractic Centre my first impression was the excellent level of communication they had. Being a Teaching Clinic they helped me understand the cause of the problem. I am very active by nature so the problem with my foot was crippling to me. After visiting my family doctor and receiving xrays and CT scans without answers or results I became…
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img5Anne Seifried

“Feeling better and 80 pounds lighter!”

This March marks a three year anniversary since I began coming to Family Chiropractic. I wen to a home show and that is where I found out about Family Chiropractic and met Dr. Frank. I had been experiencing a lot of lower back pain and after hearing that it was probably due to my spine being out of alignment, I was eager to
find out how it could be corrected. When I…
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img6Laslo Retek

I love the amount of time it takes for an adjustment!”

Dr. Brent is a very experienced chiropractor, he is the best chiropractor in the area. I have been his patient since 1995 and I only can comment positive things about his clinic and practice. The staff and Audrey his office Manager are very friendly, fun and professional. Many time in the past when I needed an emergency
treatment over the holidays, Dr. Brent always…
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img7Ned Radenovic

“Off lyrical and lipitor and lost 80 lbs!!”

I have been receiving treatment from family Chiropractic for almost 2 years now and I would like to share with everyone how they have educated and helped me into getting my health back. I originally hurt my back when I had a bicycle accident that was, actually, quite unremarkable. My front tire stuck in some mud and I struggled to hold my balance before tumbling…
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img8Lynn Weller

“No more bells palsy!”

We have been patients of Dr. Brent for almost 10 years. Recently I was unexpectedly diagnosed with Bells Palsy – I immediately went to Dr. Brent as I learned it is a pinched nerver stemming from the brain. Upon hearing horror stories about lengthy recovery times, I was very worried. He discussed it all with me and made me feel relaxed about the healing process…
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img9Curtis Fach

“Chiropractic Care has helped me bowl my first 4 perfect games as well as earn my spot on Team Canada”

Ever since I have been getting Chiropractic care at Family Chiropractic Centre my bowling average, confindence and achievements have skyrocketed! Before my Chiropractic care I was averaging 210 when I bowled, and not having much success in tournaments. Once I went to see Dr. Brent on a regular basis, I have bowled my FIRST 300 PERFECT GAME followed by…
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img10Corrine Laforce Fulton

“I stopped using all medication and my cane”

After suffering almost a year of pain from my left hip to my ankle and having no relief with physiotherapy or anyi-inflammatory drugs. I met Dr. Brent at the Family Chiropractic Centre. Not long after starting treatment I stopped using all medication and my cane. I have continued with regular maintenance visits and have been quite and pain free ever since.
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img11Judy Baker

“Overall improvement in life satisfaction and gratitude…and smallest clothing size since a teen!”

The impacts the Maximized Living program has had on my life are HUGE! And the reality is that those impacts have had a ripple effect on my family and friend as the progress made has become more apparent and has been sustained over a long period of time…
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Family Chiropractic Centre Welcomes You!

At Family Chiropractic Centre, our mission is to help as many people as possible find better health naturally and then educate them so they can educate others.

Guelph Chiropractors Education is our Focus

Our focus on education gives our Guelph patients a much deeper understanding of how their bodies work, how they break down, what health really is, and what it is not & most importantly, how chiropractic can help them.


Why do I Have the Problems that I do?

At Family Chiropractic Centre, we want to help you answer the question, “Why do I have the problems that I do?” as this goes right to the source and handles what is CAUSING the problems. Once the cause is identified, patients can then take back control of their health, instead of simply patching up symptoms.

Finding the Cause of your Problem!

This is what makes the chiropractors at Family Chiropractic Centre different. We will focus directly on the CAUSE of your health problems. Through a detailed consultation, examination and on-site, State-of-the-Art x-rays (if needed) they will determine if Chiropractic is the solution to your health problems.

Working to Get You Better Quicker

At Family Chiropractic Centre, we will suggest a care plan to produce the fastest results possible at an affordable price & we will offer ways that patients in Guelph can participate in this recovery plan.

Call Family Chiropractic Centre to make an appointment and see what sets us apart from other Guelph chiropractors!

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