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Meet the Family Chiropractic Centre Team

You’ve probably heard the saying, “Two heads are better than one.” We’ve taken that to heart at Family Chiropractic Centre. With three chiropractors and an enthusiastic staff, we offer greater accessibility to suit your needs. Plus, you get the added benefit of extra brainpower – especially with difficult cases.

Chiropractor Dr. Brent Lipke

Dr. Brent Lipke

“Simply put, I was a skeptic. I would never have let those ‘bone crunchers’ touch my spine. But after sustaining a serious injury in High School football and conventional medicine failing to help me, I was referred to a Chiropractor, Dr. Paul Meyers. When I first entered his clinic I was shocked. I had never seen such a vibrant healthy place. Most clinics I had been to were dismal, miserable places full of sick people. This place was different… Read More »

Chiropractor Dr. Frank Dallan

Dr. Frank Dallan

“As a child I suffered from intense migraines at least once every two weeks.” Dr Frank recalls. “These migraines were so unbearable that my mother would put me to bed in a darkened room, where even the faintest light caused me great pain. My mother decided to do some research, and came across some information suggesting that Chiropractic care could possibly relieve migraines. My mother was skeptical in the beginning but didn’t want to rely on Tylenol or Advil as a source of relief so she decided to give Chiropractic a try… Read More »

Chiropractor Dr. Dan Vitale

Dr. Dan Vitale

“Growing up as a very active youth and involved in various contact sports, I had sustained several injuries and became quite familiar with the healing arts professions. The Chiropractic profession attracted me very early due to its hands-on, drug-free, prevention-focused approach. My mother had a severe low back injury and was told that she required surgery and quickly considered other options. She was referred by a friend to a Chiropractor and within 3 months she was pain-free… Read More »

Headshot of Mark McAllister, RMT

Mark McAllister, R.M.T.

It wasn’t until I was 16 that I was introduced to any kind of “alternative therapies”. Like most people I thought having my regular check-up at the family physician was the way to go.It wasn’t until I was having debilitating headaches on an almost daily basis that I knew Western medicine simply didn’t have all the answers. I was put through a battery of tests trying to determine a cause but all the tests would come back inconclusive or negative, my doctor not knowing where else to go brushed me to the side and told me to take some aspirin when I needed to… Read More »

Brenda headshot

Brenda North

I have always believed in the benefits of Chiropractic and natural therapies and have been adjusted since I was 3 years old. I tried acupuncture to relieve headaches with some success and I currently see an osteopath as well as receiving reflexology treatments regularly. As a result I am now a Certified Foot Reflexologist and am able to assist others. Even with all of this I suffered from way too many headaches and had times throughout my life when the headaches lasted 2-3 months at a time…Read More »

I kept searching for relief…… Health and wellness have always been important to me and I do not like taking medications but after a terrible year in 2009 I ended up on an anti-depressants, a sleep aid and a headache suppressant. It pained me deeply to admit that I needed those medications. I wanted to get back to the ‘natural’ me,to help and heal myself. In 2012 my husband introduced me to Dr. Dan Vitale at Family Chiropractic. Right away I knew that this Chiropractic Centre was different from any of the others that I had been to over the past 40 years. The other Chiropractors who treated me over the years were lovely people and I know they tried to help me but none of them compare to the care and education that I received at the Family Chiropractic Centre. After only a year and a half of treatment and adopting health and life style changes that I learned through the education in office and at the seminars I was off ALL my medications. I rarely have headaches now and sleep very well night after night.

I’m back on my healthy path and I know it’s as a result of becoming a patient at Family Chiropractic. Health and Wellness continue to be a big part of my life so when I heard they were hiring I jumped at the chance and I’m proud to say I’m now part of the Family Chiropractic Centre family. I cannot think of a better way to give back than to teach others what I have learned and give back through their improving health. And although I have only been working here a short time I already have many great stories from patients who are happier and healthier through their experience here as well.

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