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Our Patients Share Their Results

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Family Chiropractic Centre patient testimonials below and please Email: click here to email us or contact the office if you have any questions.

Yours in Health,
Dr. Brent, Dr. Frank & Dr. Dan

100% Stress Free!

Dr Brent and the whole team provide a welcoming, understanding friendly environment. Upon walking in you instantly get the feeling that you matter and will be taken care of. 100 % stress free. Huge smiles and compassionate staff that make you feel more like family than just another client. Will be recommending this clinic to everyone I know!
– Laura G.

This Makes Total Sense

“I have been coming to you for a long time and have improved my physical health immensely. Chiropractic makes total sense to me. I like that you are always looking to improve your practice.” – Wendy

Spreading the Word

I’m very glad that I became a patient of this practice! The staff is friendly, understanding and make you feel comfortable and relaxed. I showed up in extreme pain and anxiety and instantly felt comfortable and relaxed. I have referred a few people and will continue to spread the word about my experience and continue to send people your way!
Laura G.

Feeling Better Day By Day

I have been seeing chiropractors in the USA and Canada since 2004.  This is some of the best care that I have ever received.  I am experiencing an increase in mobility and a decrease in pain.  Dr Frank is excellent! He is a thoughtful, courteous and conscientious practitioner.  He makes me feel comfortable and explains things clearly.  I have received great care under Dr Frank’s care and am so glad and grateful to have found Family Chiropractic and I am feeling better day by day.  Thank you Dr Frank!

Lisa G.

Virtually Pain Free

I was referred to Family Chiropractic Centre in September 2015 by my brother, Lucio.  At the time I was suffering fro extreme neck pain.  As well as sciatic nerve pain in my left hip.  I am pleased to tell you that since coming to Family Chiropractic Centre I can see a significant improvement in my neck and hip.  I am virtually pain free!  Thank you Dr Frank!

Laura L.

Amazing Service

The receptionist was extremely helpful and kind. She was quick to give us information and help us answer any questions. Working with Dr. Dan blew our minds. He is extremely kind and patient with us. He makes us feel unbelievably comfortable and makes us look forward to returning. I would recommend him to our friends and family in a heart beat. Thank you very much for your amazing service.

Natasha T.

Extremely Happy

I am extremely happy with knowing that my pain will be reduced and possibly fixed. I am very happy that I have finally taken the step to get well. The information that is given to you is very easy to understand, and makes you aware of things you would never have thought would impact you. I love the staff and the friendly, relaxing environment of the office as a whole.

Gwen W.

Helped From The Moment I Arrived To The Moment I Left

I was helped from the moment I arrived to the moment I left. They provided an ice pack for my back while I watched an educational video about chiropractic care and what it can do for overall health. Such great service. The doctor was thorough in his discussion and very sensitive to the fact that I was in a great deal of pain. Such a great team. I look forward to fixing my chronic back pain after 20 years. I feel I can trust this team to get me there.

Sarah P.

Friendly Welcome

When I first entered the clinic I was greeted with a very friendly welcome. Audrey showed me the tables and explained the type of adjustments that were used as this was important to me. All questions and concerns were answered and I left with a booked appointment and a comfort knowing I had chosen the right centre for me.

Donna S.

Life is better & I am happier with this “family” in my life!

Patient testimonial

I received a life sentence…of chronic pain, pills, being bedridden and in a wheelchair, at the age of 40! The “best” of neurosurgeons told me “You’re stuck!”  I had no quality of life.  At age 44, my husband directed me to a “Chiropractic care” information session I opened my mind and listened.  Dr Brent personally said to me he had enough HOPE and FAITH for both of us, because I had none myself.Show More

I went from the wheelchair, to using 2 canes, to using one cane and then to eventually giving Dr Brent the cane which he said he would eventually hang on his wall as a tribute to my healing experience.  I am now able to walk unassisted, I can swim and do Tai Chi,  all because of Chiropractic care.  Be it Dr Brent, Dr Dan or Dr Frank, whom ever you see, their “family” WILL improve your life, all you need to do is GO!  Try, listen and learn!  My life is better, and I am happier with this “family” in my life!


Forever thankful for his caring hands

Patient testimonial

‘Sublux’ what? That was my reaction when I heard Dr Frank Dallan talking about ‘subluxation’. Over the last 20 years; owing to my life style and constant traveling and relocation between North America, the Middle East, Asia and Europe, I have been to countless chiropractors around the world, however, no one has ever come close to mention, let alone explain, vertebral subluxation. Last week, I landed at Dr Dallan’s table due to severe pain in the lower back that reduced my mobility to a rigid minimum. My back was failing me; the agony was so immense I thought I will end up paralyzed.Show More

We were referred to the Family Chiropractic Centre by my husband’s friend since the chiropractor I usually visit was unavailable to see me on emergency basis. Dr Dallan was kind enough to see my immediately. With a passion to healing, he went through a meticulous spinal exam, conducted in-house x-rays, and gently did some adjustments. He spoke to me about his, and the clinic, philosophy based on a holistic natural restorative body healing. I was astonished because he was touching a cord that resonates within me and is in line with my own philosophy in life based on the fact that the body and mind are naturally empowered to heal themselves without the need to medication.

Three days later I was walking again with little pain. Dr Dallan has touched my life with his passion to healing and his approach to continue working with me towards achieving a spinal and neck correction for the long-term by treating the route cause rather than just patching and masking the pain on a short-term. I am forever thankful for his caring hands and will always feel grateful for his compassionate response. Thank you forever Dr Frank Dallan.


Just 6 months later… after failed in-vitro fertilization… I became pregnant”

Patient testimonial

I came to Family Chiropractic Centre for care after receiving treatment at another center for 2 years.  I had adjustments but never felt like my issues were resolved.  Working in a profession that constantly puts stress on my neck and back, and struggling with infertility, I felt I needed to seek out another opinion.

My spouse had been a patient of Dr Brent’s for 4 years and finally convinced me to ‘give him a try’.  One thing that stood out to me was the focus on education that the doctors and staff provided at Family Chiropractic Centre.  I finally understood what was required of me as a patient in order to optimize my treatment results.Show More

I went for frequent regular adjustments and started to see a change.  I went to all the seminars and started to live the “Maximized Living” lifestyle.   Having endometriosis, it was no surprise we had infertility issues.  I spoke with Dr Brent and we made a plan.  I had been through a failed InVitro Fertilization, and there was no way emotionally or financially did I want to go down that road again.  Just 6 months after starting treatment with Dr Brent, we successfully became pregnant on our own!   Earlier this year (2013) we welcomed a healthy baby boy into our family.  One week after he was born, he had his first adjustment with Dr Brent.    I want to thank Dr Brent and the staff at Family Chiropractic Centre for the support, education and treatment provided in helping me transform and feel healthier every day!


Chiropractic Care helped me bowl my first 4 perfect games & earn my spot on Team Canada

Patient testimonial

Ever since I have been getting Chiropractic care at Family Chiropractic Centre my bowling average, confidence and achievements have skyrocketed!  Before my Chiropractic care I was averaging 210 when I bowled, and not having much success in tournaments.

Once I went to see Dr Brent on a regular basis, I have bowled my FIRST 300 PERFECT GAME followed by three more totaling 4 PERFECT GAMES! My average is now sitting at 235 per game and I just recently earned my spot on Team Canada competing in Hong Kong in the summer of 2014.  Chiropractic care has significantly benefited my bowling career as well as my overall health!


I feel more energized, rested, alert and less stressed

My experience with Dr Frank has been truly amazing.  He was very understanding to my needs and he was very informative on how the spine works with my body.  Being a cancer survivor and going through chemo I knew my body suffered.  Dr Frank helped me so much through talks and even emails.  He also got rid of the ringing in my right ear that I had for 2 long years, it just 2 treatments it was gone. I can say I feel more energized, rested, alert and less stressed since I started my treatments :-)  Also Dr Frank helped me lose 25 lbs through the Isagenix weight loss system.  Thank you Dr Frank.


Laurie Miller

Only a week and I have already noticed a HUGE difference in my headaches!

It’s only been a week since I have been seeing Dr Frank and already I have noticed a HUGE difference!  Not only did my neck pain go away, but I also have NOT had one headache since I have been with Dr Frank.  I normally have headaches and back aches very often and to go a week without one is amazing! I am very happy I have started my chiropractic care with Dr Frank!


No results with my Dr… Now I’m back to the YMCA 5 days a week!

Patient testimonial

Upon visiting the Family Chiropractic Centre my first impression was the excellent level of communication they had.   Being a Teaching Clinic they helped me understand the cause of the problem.  I am very active by nature so the problem with my foot was crippling to me.  After visiting my family doctor and receiving xrays and CT scans without answers or results I became frustrated.  My foot was sore and swollen and I was unable to touch the floor without pain. Show More

This problem developed slowly over time without any injury so I was confused as to the cause.  My family doctor recommended to get orthotics.  Upon visiting the Family Chiropractic Centre for orthotics, Dr Brent examined me and had me stand on two scales simultaneously.  He showed me that I was carrying too much weight on one foot due to a pelvic imbalance and explained that orthotics would not work until my legs were balanced.  His gentle adjustments corrected my leg imbalance which fixed my foot problem and orthotics were then given to give me support.  Now I feel great and I am back to the YMCA 5 days a week doing Aqua Fit and walking pain free!  I have also referred in all of my friends to get their spine checked, so they can feel as great as I do.


I am more conscious of my overall health

I have very much appreciated the care I have received at the Family Chiropractic Centre.  I was feeling pain in my neck and back for over 6 months, and it just kept getting worse.  It got to the point where I was uncomfortable riding in my car for any length of time.  When I took walks I would experience extreme pain in my pelvis and have to spot and sit until it went away.  Since coming for care I have experienced less and less pain; now I don’t have any pain while driving and walking.  It’s only been a few short months but I have experienced a marked improvement in my health and am more conscious of my overall health as well.  Thanks Dr Frank!


My husband says: “Now I have my wife back & she walks as fast as I do”

When I first started treatment under Dr Brent I was living on pain killers, I was having muscle spasms and numbness in my right leg. Sometimes my leg was moving with me and sometimes it was not.  When I stood up it was not certain I would be walking or falling on my face. My stepdaughter recommended I visit her Chiropractor, Dr Brent at Family Chiropractic Centre, so I made the necessary arrangements and after xrays and a consultation with Dr Brent he started my treatment.Show More

I have to admit it was not an overnight miracle, at times I had thought about looking into a cane or a walker to get around as I have osteoarthritis and osteoporosis, so I figured it was inevitable.  With prompting from Dr Brent and his staff and a lot of patience (which I do not have much of) I stuck with it and I am SO glad I did.  Now I am back to my old self again.  I can now easily walk for more than 10 minutes at a time and stand without pain.  My husband is also very grateful as he says “I now have my wife back and she walks as fast as I do”.

Thank you everyone at the clinic for keeping me on track to make this possible!


You are my saviour & wellness mentor

The day I first darkened the doorway of Family Chiropractic, was one that has changed my life, forever.  Twenty plus years ago, I was in a car accident.  From that day on I had severe migraines, neck pain and countless other malaise as no one, over the course of the 20 + years, would ever check my neck, even though I pleaded with them.  To the doctors, it was all in my head.  So I simply existed.  I was no longer a participant in my life, but a prisoner in my pain.  So on that day in October 2013, after leaving Guelph General on my way to the pharmacy to pick up yet another pain prescription, I noticed Family Chiropractic right next door.  I decided to go in and see if anything could be done or if anyone could help. What did I have to lose? Show More

The first face that I saw was the office manager Audrey.  She winced when she saw the grimace on my face and instinctively knew that I needed care like…yesterday!  She explained what Family Chiropractic could do for me and that yes, there was a solution.  She scheduled me with Dr Dan Vitale.  Let me just say that even after the very first assessment and adjustment, I started to feel better.  My neck was sore but I could move my head in ways I couldn’t previously.

My headache had dissipated and I knew then and there that i was on the right track to getting my life back!  Not only did Dr Dan provide the much needed I had been searching for, he also taught me about total wellness through proper nutrition and exercise.  Seven months after my first visit to Family Chiropractic, I am pain free.  I have regained 90% of normal movement in my neck, I rarely get a headache, I go to the gym 5-6 days a week and I have lost close to 50 pounds thanks to Dr Dan’s guidance in his approach to overall wellness.  I am a walking talking and vibrant person again and I am eternally grateful for Dr Dan, who showed me the way to getting my life back and making it even better than I ever imagined it could be!

Thank you Dr Dan, Audrey and everyone at Family Chiropractic for giving me the greatest gift of all, a pain-free, mobility-filled life that I am a proud participant in.  This journey through the darkness into the light, will be an ongoing way of life for me.  It is one of the few blessings bestowed upon me by people who truly care about their patients.  Dr Dan, you are my saviour and wellness mentor.  Audrey, you are the reason for my open mindedness in Chiropractic.

Thank you ALL for being the best life coaches anyone could ask for!


No longer am I a skeptic… But a firm believer in Chiropractic Care

Up until March 2011, I had always been in very good health. Then I became ill with a very bad case of shingles. By June of 2011, I developed dizziness to the extent that it was impossible for me to drive a car, go shopping and at times required assistance walking! Medical doctors were not sure if this was a side effect from the shingles or vertigo, but felt quite certain that a recent trauma to the head had nothing to do with the dizziness. A CT scan revealed nothing. Physiotherapy and medication only aggravated the problem.Show More

Family members urged me to try Chiropractic treatment, but at first I was very reluctant to do so. I was referred to Dr Brent Lipke at the Family Chiropractic Centre. On March 9, 2012 after an assessment and in-office x-rays, Dr Lipke’s diagnosis was that due to the head trauma, an old whiplash injury had been reactivated. He drew up a suggested program of adjustments to be followed. Just several adjustments later I noticed the dizzy spells beginning to subside. By early May my dizziness was COMPLETELY GONE and once again I can enjoy a normal lifestyle by performing all household duties, driving my car, shopping and even did extensive gardening on the Victoria Day weekend. I HAVE MY LIFE BACK! No longer am I a skeptic… but a firm believer in Chiropractic Care. Thank you Dr Lipke and staff!


Felling better & 80lbs lighter!

anne before

This March marks a three year anniversary since I began coming to Family Chiropractic. I went to a home show and that is where I found out about Family Chiropractic and met Dr. Frank.I had been experiencing a lot of lower back pain and after hearing that it was probably due to my spine being out of alignment, I was eager to find out how it could be corrected. When I came in for the results from my initial assessment and x-rays, Dr. Frank thoroughly went over the results and answered all my questions. I knew that I wanted to get rid of the pain as well as learn how to take care of my health so I could enjoy a long life and be there for my family.  Through a series of adjustments my lower back soon felt a lot better.Show More

Anne after
My other health issue was my right hip, which was deteriorating due to osteoporosis. I found out that I would need a hip replacement and that they would do the surgery in October 2010. I was determined to take off as much weight as possible before the surgery to enable my recovery to be a quick one. I went to all the information seminars on eating properly, found out about foods that contain toxins and surge training. That taught me that it is a combination of diet and exercise that helps you attain your weight goals, not diet alone. Through Dr. Frank’s support and encouragement and using the Isagenix shakes I was able to achieve an eighty pound weight loss before the surgery.Dr. Frank has always been there when I needed encouragement to get back on track.I highly recommend Dr. Frank and Family Chiropractic to anyone who wants to be the healthiest they have ever been.


Dr. Dan has helped me with my overall training consistency

weight lifting

My name is Richard Singh, I am a 4-time World Champion Bench Press competitor, and have broken and held 4 World Records. I have been working with Dr. Dan Vitale since February 2012. When I met Dr. Dan I was 350lbs, and benching approx 550lbs comfortably.

I have done my last two competitions with Dr. Dan having a controlling role in my care, Nationals and North American championships respectively. I benched 601lbs at Nationals a personal best and then lifted 639lbs six weeks later at North Americans a 38lb personal best and new current junior world record.Show More

I’m now 320lbs and handling in the low 700lb ranges. I’m getting ready for World November 7th in Las Vegas. Where I hope to lift 700lbs+ at 305lb bodyweight.

Dr. Dan has helped me with my overall training consistency and making sure that all of the little problems that arise while training hard don’t go ignored and develop into something more. His cutting edge, comprehensive care approach has been critical in the leaps of improvement I have made over the last 9 months under his supervision.

My career highlights are:
Best Heavyweight Teen Bencher AWPC Worlds: 2007
Best Heavyweight Teen Bencher WPC Worlds: 2008
Best Heavyweight Junior Bencher AWPC Worlds: 2011
Best Bencher CPF Nationals: 2012
Best Junior Bencher Can-Am Championships: 2012
AWPC Teen 18-19 World Record 125kg: 207.5kg (2007)
WPC Teen 18-19 World Record 140kg: 255kg (2008)
AWPC Junior World Record 140+kg: 272.5kg (2012), previously mine at 240kg (2011)


Smallest clothing size since a teen!

judy-before-picThe impacts the Maximized Living program has had on my life are HUGE! And the reality is that those impacts have had a ripple effect on my family and friends as the progress made has become more apparent and has been sustained over a long period of time.

The specific changes I’ve experienced have included (in order of how they unfolded over the past six months): increased energy levels, elimination of early signs of arthritis, almost full recovery from extensive lower back pain/problems, improved sleep patterns, improved stress management, improved personal time & financial management, 20 pounds of weight loss (that I had pretty much given up on), regulated menstrual cycle, best fitness levels of my life, smallest clothing size I’ve ever worn during my late teen/adult years, overall improvement in life satisfaction and general feeling of gratitude.Show More

Judy after
I really can’t thank the clinic (and specifically Dr. Vitale) enough for offering my family the opportunity to participate in a program like this. It’s amazing how over the years I established patterns that became a way of life and something that just “was”. It’s not to say that there is no more stress or that I don’t have to continue to manage my relationship with food but I have honestly accomplished something I didn’t think was attainable six months ago.

To say that my back rarely bothers me anymore is literally unbelievable. Only two years ago, I was taking pain meds to cope with my back problems so I could make it through a workday!  My three children have also adopted better eating and exercise habits as a result of my husband and I setting the example. They now comment on the poor food choices they see around them in their school environment, they read labels, and they have a better foundation for making daily healthy choices.

Together, my husband and I have lost 6 inches off our waistlines and are both feeling great!


I LOVE the amount of time it takes for an adjustment!

Patient testimonial

Dr. Brent is a very experienced chiropractor, he is the best chiropractor in the area. I have been his patient since 1995 and I only can comment positive things about his clinic and practice. The staff and Audrey his office Manager are very friendly, fun and professional. Many times in the past when I needed an emergency treatment over the holidays, Dr Brent always took care of me. He really deserves appreciation for what he does for his patients. I love the amount of time it takes for an adjustment, I don’t like to wait for long and also I am not looking for a 30 minute, inexperienced chiropractic adjustment.


The relief has brought tears to my eyes & I am truly grateful!

Due to an accident in 1969, I was paralyzed from my chest down. In 1970 my lower back was fused and I have been in pain ever since. I saw Dr Brent initially to ease my calf pain because he had helped my friend so much. Not only did he ease my calf pain, but also my neck and back. After just 2 treatments the pain in my neck and back for 42 years was nearly gone. This relief has brought tears to my eyes, and I am truly grateful!


No more Bells Palsy!

Patient testimonial

We have been patients of Dr. Brent for almost 10 years. Recently I was unexpectedly diagnosed with Bells Palsy – I immediately went to Dr Brent as I learned it is a pinched nerve stemming from the brain. Upon hearing horror stories about lengthy recovery times, I was very worried. He discussed it all with me and made me feel relaxed about the healing process. The most impressive thing though is that this occurred just before Christmas and knowing I needed daily care – he made sure I got my treatment – even coming by my house!! When was the last time your Dr came by your house!! My children and I faithfully get treated by Dr. Brent – he is caring, knowledgeable and very willing to go the extra mile to care for his patients!! We believe in chiropractic adjustments for well-being and we believe Dr Brent is a fabulous chiropractor!! Our spinal health can prove it!!


Worth driving 90 minutes for!

I had a sore neck that was getting worse to the point where it was stiff and painful to turn my head. I started by asking for help from my regular doctor and after hour long physiotherapy and osteopath sessions, I was no better off after the sessions than I was before I went in. I was at a multicultural festival and found Dr Brent offering spinal assessments so gave him a try. I have been going to his clinic since then and the treatments are efficient, effective and FAR more helpful that the hour long sessions with the other professionals.Show More

I found Dr Brent’s attitude towards educating his patients very refreshing and empowering. His dedication to providing education sessions on health are to be commended, and the information provided is practical and useful. It’s a 45 minute drive from where I work to his office and another 45 to get home again, and I have found it worth it to go the distance for that quality of service.

Take a chance… All you have to lose, is the pain!

Don’t go to a Chiropractor” I was told. By those of course who hadn’t been suffering from back pain for 1 year and 3 months!  I went to my family doctor and was asked to get an x-ray.  They came back “normal”  There was nothing wrong with me !!!  I was recommended to go to a Chiropractor by my doctor but that fear in me said not to.  So I went to the Physiotherapist. I was diligent with the exercises but it didn’t help.  It wasn’t cheap either!!  I had done yoga and meditation on-line for back pain without any results.  I had given up.  The rest of my life was going to be spent in pain.  Yet I had been told that there was nothing wrong with me!!!Show More

One night I was out for dinner, and fate had me bump into an old friend I hadn’t seen in 18 years.  I had told her about my back, as I told everybody being that that was my answer to “What’s new with you?” question.  Nothing new, just old and painful!  She had recommended I call the Family Chiropractic Centre.  I said no immediately.  I let her know I was afraid that I was going to be either hurt, or never able to stop going.  As I’ve heard as one of the “good reasons not to go”.  She had then told me how gentle my sessions would be.  Something then told me, it was the right thing to do.

The very next day I called and booked my appointment with Dr Frank.  I had brought him my xray CD so he didn’t have to worry about doing the xray there.  He explained to me how important it was to do an xray at the Centre because they would be taken with me standing, not laying down as done at the xray clinic, potentially showing why I have this unknown pain in my back.  The next visit was to educate me on my xrays.  (along with many information sessions to follow… can’t wait!! BTW there are no additional fees for the monthly wellness lectures on exercise, stress and healthy eating.

This is truly a “Care” Centre)  After seeing my xray results, I could see why I had been in such pain!! I couldn’t believe that I had been undiagnosed for so long.  So my first adjustment. I was terrified!! I slowly go ready, and Dr Frank did his first adjustment. I jumped off of the adjustment table, and started to laugh hysterically out of shear relief!! I then realized that my back didn’t hurt.  For the first time in 1 year and 3 months!!  I haven’t had any back pain since and it’s been 3 months.  Coincidental? Not a chance!! If you are nervous, or have been advised otherwise… Take a chance… All you have to lose, is the pain!!!


Weekly maintenance keeps me in great shape!

The staff at the practice are very cheery, helpful and knowledgeable and Dr. Brent is a very personable doctor and very knowledgeable on many, many levels. He has helped me with many joint problems I have had and I find if I go to Dr. Brent for a weekly maintenance visit he keeps me in great shape. Have recommended him to many friends and will continue to do so as I believe he can make a difference in a lot of people’s lives.

No longer suffering from menstrual cramping!

I’ve only been going to this Chiropractor a short time, about a month, and already I am amazed. I have seen so much change in my health. I went in with a sore back and after about two weeks it was gone and I have had absolutely no menstrual cramps since going! I recommend Dr. Brent to anyone and everyone, I am blown away by the fact that I am 20 years old and no longer suffering from menstrual cramping or pain! Thanks Dr Brent!

Educated about food choices, physical fitness and overall well-being

This is a wellness clinic that does not work on the “band-aid philosophy”. Dr. Brent is concerned with the well-being of his patients. He is committed to educating them about food choices, physical fitness and overall well-being. He is an excellent adjuster and was able correct my spine, where other chiropractors have failed. Pick his brain! He is a wealth of new and up-and-coming knowledge as he strives to stay current at all times!

I can practically FEEL good health within…after years of medication!

When I met Dr. Brent Lipke at a presentation, he struck me as knowledgeable with his unbiased discourse. He is clearly intent on helping people become healthy teaching a holistic approach… mind, body and spirit. To make physical adjustments is not enough for complete health, if we are eating in an unhealthy manner and hooked on pharmaceuticals which treat symptoms and have the potential to exacerbate an issue.Show More

I felt lasting relief with my first adjustment and months later can easily run several kilometers and do yoga at age 58!  I now have increased flexibility like years ago. I can practically feel good health within, as energy moves through my body in an unobstructed manner… let me add, after years of meditation, I am very much in tune to internal sensations. I recall asking Dr Brent once if my arm would indeed get better…. a period of time later, the ache is forgotten as it no longer exists. I am grateful for the care I receive at the Family Chiropractic Centre.

No more vertigo

Prior to 1 year ago, my health was going downhill FAST. I had developed vertigo, blackout spells, sprained both ankles and had lost my license for 2 years. That’s when I decided to seek help from Family Chiropractic Centre. Since then my health has made a big turn around. Family Chiropractic taught me to eat healthier, and exercise along with their treatments. since I started I have lost a lot of weight, eat healthier and exercise.

My stress level is low and I haven’t had a blackout spell for a year now. At Christmas I just got my drivers license back! My freedom to drive again was the BEST Christmas present ever! I live a better life due to all of their help and FREE health seminars. I learned a lot from Family Chiropractic Centre. Thank you all so much for my new life. Such a friendly place!


I stopped using all medication & my cane

Patient testimonial

After suffering almost a year of pain from my left hip to my ankle and having no relief with physiotherapy or anti-inflammatory drugs, I met Dr Brent at the Family Chiropractic Centre.  Not long after starting treatment I stopped using all medication and my cane.  I have continued with regular maintenance visits and have been quite well and pain free ever since.


Off Lyrical & Lipitor & lost 80lbs!

Ned Before

I have been receiving treatment from Family Chiropractic for almost 2 years now and I would like to share with everyone how they have educated and helped me into getting my health back. I originally hurt my back when I had a bicycle accident that was, actually, quite unremarkable. My front tire stuck in some mud and I struggled to hold my balance before tumbling over, slowly, onto the ground. I dusted myself off and continued on, thinking nothing of the accident, until the coming weeks when I became aware of a burning sensation deep in my back.

As time went on the burning became more intense, I was having trouble lying on that side, sleep was next to impossible and finally, just having the fabric of my shirt brush up against the affected area, caused intense pain. To make matters worse the pain started to radiate to other parts of my back, up to my neck and down my arm causing numbness in my fingers. I finally booked an appointment with my family doctor. The first thing she focused on was my internal organs with ultra sounds, MRI’s and CAT scans.Show More

Finally, after 6 months, these ruled out what she thought was a problem with my liver. During this time I was put on a quite powerful drug called Lyrica which is thought to reduce the electrical stimulation to overstimulated nerves. I was also on Lipitor at this time as I had ballooned from 260 to 315 lbs due to the total lack of exercise and stress eating. I was then referred to an Orthopedist (muscular/skeletal specialist) who referred me to a sports physician, who had me go to a physiotherapist. This helped for about ½ hour after the visit so I sought out other avenues that I thought might help. I tried an osteopath, which helped a little more, but again, I saw little relief for short periods of time, with really no long term hope for getting healed. Everything up to that point seemed to focus on pain management, where I was looking for pain elimination.

Finally, out of desperation, I went to Family Chiropractic and saw Dr Dan Vitale. I never really knew what chiropractic involved and I was very sceptical that any progress would be made. I felt immense relief after the first adjustment, I was far from cured but the amount of pressure relieved from my back was quite remarkable. I continued on for several months and during this time I started feeling better for longer periods of time. Also during this time, all of the doctors and staff at the clinic started talking to me about 4 other important systems that I might want to look into to maximise my health.

I was really surprised and therefore intrigued, that they found these other factors just as important as nerve flow. After all, these were chiropractors and I figured they would just stress the one aspect over all others. The four other components were your mind, nutrition, exercise and toxin avoidance. I went to community outreach education seminars they put on and kept an open mind while sitting through the information seminars. Since the adjustments helped me so much, I was very motivated to see if I could get tips in other areas that might help my health.
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The seminars were included in the fee already charged for chiropractic care, and again, a lot that was said made sense to me. If it didn’t make sense, I asked and it usually was clarified or I searched through other resources, just to make sure that things made medical sense I have now lost 80 lbs and am off all of my medications. One of the products in the ISAGENIX system was specifically formulated to flush out the toxins from your fat cells. I am now sure my body was not screaming for food, it was screaming for nutrients. My appetite is satisfied quite easily and I don’t crave food all of the time anymore. Not only have I lost the weight, but I have noticed a dramatic decrease in the amount of inflammation that I have in my joints and also my back.

I am now going to the gym for an hour 4-5 days a week (never thought I had the time until I started writing down how much time everyday I spent watching television or reading). Not only do I look forward to it, but I am actually doing quite well in the cardio exercises, which I have always hated. Now, I can last for an hour on the elliptical machine and I come off of it invigorated and ready to go.

I love the fact that Family Chiropractic has come up with a whole system that can get you back on track with life, instead of just focusing on one area of health and disregarding other, just as important areas. I especially appreciate the information I received on nutrition which was worth it’s weight in gold to me.I would highly recommend you go to a few seminars. Take family or friends, listen critically to what is being said, compare it to what you already know and research what you are not sure of or ask for clarification from the staff.

No doctor or medicine or therapy is going to heal your body…one thing that has been drilled into me is that only your body can heal and only if it has the tools to the healing. I have no doubt that the staff at Family Chiropractic can show you how.


No more headaches

I have been in chiropractic care for close to 11 years while living in the north end of Guelph. Back last October we moved to the south end of Guelph. I cancelled my chiropractic care in the north end of Guelph last April so there was a period of about 6 months where I stopped having chiropractic care due to our lengthy move.

In that time I noticed my lower back pain was coming back including my headaches and the wax buildup in my ears. Finally In November I started to go to Family Chiropractic Centre. First may I say the staff at Family Chiropractic Centre are very friendly and always greet you with a smile when you walk in to their office. I have been going there under the care of Dr. Frank Dallan who is also very courteous and takes a very serious and keen interest in your chiropractic care and continually explains what he is doing and the benefits you will have and notice.
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Since I have been in his care I have noticed very little to no pain in my lower back allowing me to go on my daily walks. Before I went for Chiropractic care I had a major buildup of wax in my ears to the point where it actually plugged up my ears having difficulty hearing and had to use ear drops and flush them out. Now in the last month or so I have not had to do this anymore.

The other benefits I have noticed are no more headaches and I can count on 1 hand the number of times I had the flu or a cold and when I did they were not severe or lengthy. With Dr. Frank now keeping my spine in line and with my neck adjustments I know I am benefiting from his chiropractic care.


If you are interested in getting healthier than you are right now call Family Chiropractic Centre for a no-obligation appointment.

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