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What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Family Chiropractic Centre patient testimonials below.

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A Truly Unique Experience

A truly unique experience. The office is very different than what I had experienced before at other chiropractic clinics. Blown away with the assessments done and the x-rays. Can’t wait to hear the results of my assessment and what the next steps will be.

-Sandra R.

Growing Old in a Healthier Way

We are are thankful we can continue our adjustments and we know we will be with you Dr. Brent in good care to continue growing old in a healthier way, may the Lord bless you your family and staff.

-Christine H.

Be Your Best Self

I would and will refer people to the Family Chiropractic Centre to every person I care about. Everyone should be given the opportunity to be their best self and have their best health possible. Thank you to the team at the Centre for giving me my opportunity to be my best self. Annie

-Antoinette H

100% Stress Free!

Dr Brent and the whole team provide a welcoming, understanding friendly environment. Upon walking in you instantly get the feeling that you matter and will be taken care of. 100 % stress free. Huge smiles and compassionate staff that make you feel more like family than just another client. Will be recommending this clinic to everyone I know!

– Laura G.

This Makes Total Sense

“I have been coming to you for a long time and have improved my physical health immensely. Chiropractic makes total sense to me. I like that you are always looking to improve your practice.”

– Wendy

Spreading the Word

I’m very glad that I became a patient of this practice! The staff is friendly, understanding and make you feel comfortable and relaxed. I showed up in extreme pain and anxiety and instantly felt comfortable and relaxed. I have referred a few people and will continue to spread the word about my experience and continue to send people your way!

– Laura G.

Feeling Better Day By Day

I have been seeing chiropractors in the USA and Canada since 2004.  This is some of the best care that I have ever received.  I am experiencing an increase in mobility and a decrease in pain.  Dr Frank is excellent! He is a thoughtful, courteous and conscientious practitioner.  He makes me feel comfortable and explains things clearly.  I have received great care under Dr Frank’s care and am so glad and grateful to have found Family Chiropractic and I am feeling better day by day.  Thank you Dr Frank!

– Lisa G.

Virtually Pain Free

I was referred to Family Chiropractic Centre in September 2015 by my brother, Lucio.  At the time I was suffering fro extreme neck pain.  As well as sciatic nerve pain in my left hip.  I am pleased to tell you that since coming to Family Chiropractic Centre I can see a significant improvement in my neck and hip.  I am virtually pain free!  Thank you Dr Frank!

– Laura L.

Amazing Service

The receptionist was extremely helpful and kind. She was quick to give us information and help us answer any questions. Working with Dr. Dan blew our minds. He is extremely kind and patient with us. He makes us feel unbelievably comfortable and makes us look forward to returning. I would recommend him to our friends and family in a heart beat. Thank you very much for your amazing service.

– Natasha T.

Extremely Happy

I am extremely happy with knowing that my pain will be reduced and possibly fixed. I am very happy that I have finally taken the step to get well. The information that is given to you is very easy to understand, and makes you aware of things you would never have thought would impact you. I love the staff and the friendly, relaxing environment of the office as a whole.

– Gwen W.


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