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Helped From The Moment I Arrived To The Moment I Left

I was helped from the moment I arrived to the moment I left. They provided an ice pack for my back while I watched an educational video about chiropractic care and what it can do for overall health. Such great service. The doctor was thorough in his discussion and very sensitive to the fact that I was in a great deal of pain. Such a great team. I look forward to fixing my chronic back pain after 20 years. I feel I can trust this team to get me there.

– Sarah P.

Friendly Welcome

When I first entered the clinic I was greeted with a very friendly welcome. Audrey showed me the tables and explained the type of adjustments that were used as this was important to me. All questions and concerns were answered and I left with a booked appointment and a comfort knowing I had chosen the right centre for me.

– Donna S.

Life is better & I am happier with this “family” in my life!

I received a life sentence…of chronic pain, pills, being bedridden and in a wheelchair, at the age of 40! The “best” of neurosurgeons told me “You’re stuck!”  I had no quality of life.  At age 44, my husband directed me to a “Chiropractic care” information session I opened my mind and listened.  Dr Brent personally said to me he had enough HOPE and FAITH for both of us, because I had none more»

I went from the wheelchair, to using 2 canes, to using one cane and then to eventually giving Dr Brent the cane which he said he would eventually hang on his wall as a tribute to my healing experience.  I am now able to walk unassisted, I can swim and do Tai Chi,  all because of Chiropractic care.  Be it Dr Brent, Dr Dan or Dr Frank, whom ever you see, their “family” WILL improve your life, all you need to do is GO!  Try, listen and learn!  My life is better, and I am happier with this “family” in my life!

– Terry J.

Forever thankful for his caring hands

‘Sublux’ what? That was my reaction when I heard Dr Frank Dallan talking about ‘subluxation’. Over the last 20 years; owing to my life style and constant traveling and relocation between North America, the Middle East, Asia and Europe, I have been to countless chiropractors around the world, however, no one has ever come close to mention, let alone explain, vertebral subluxation. Last week, I landed at Dr Dallan’s table due to severe pain in the lower back that reduced my mobility to a rigid minimum. My back was failing me; the agony was so immense I thought I will end up more»

We were referred to the Family Chiropractic Centre by my husband’s friend since the chiropractor I usually visit was unavailable to see me on emergency basis. Dr Dallan was kind enough to see my immediately. With a passion to healing, he went through a meticulous spinal exam, conducted in-house x-rays, and gently did some adjustments. He spoke to me about his, and the clinic, philosophy based on a holistic natural restorative body healing. I was astonished because he was touching a cord that resonates within me and is in line with my own philosophy in life based on the fact that the body and mind are naturally empowered to heal themselves without the need to medication.

Three days later I was walking again with little pain. Dr Dallan has touched my life with his passion to healing and his approach to continue working with me towards achieving a spinal and neck correction for the long-term by treating the route cause rather than just patching and masking the pain on a short-term. I am forever thankful for his caring hands and will always feel grateful for his compassionate response. Thank you forever Dr Frank Dallan.

– Montaha H.

Just 6 months later… after failed in-vitro fertilization… I became pregnant”

I came to Family Chiropractic Centre for care after receiving treatment at another center for 2 years.  I had adjustments but never felt like my issues were resolved.  Working in a profession that constantly puts stress on my neck and back, and struggling with infertility, I felt I needed to seek out another opinion.

My spouse had been a patient of Dr Brent’s for 4 years and finally convinced me to ‘give him a try’.  One thing that stood out to me was the focus on education that the doctors and staff provided at Family Chiropractic Centre.  I finally understood what was required of me as a patient in order to optimize my treatment more»

I went for frequent regular adjustments and started to see a change.  I went to all the seminars and started to live the “Maximized Living” lifestyle.   Having endometriosis, it was no surprise we had infertility issues.  I spoke with Dr Brent and we made a plan.  I had been through a failed InVitro Fertilization, and there was no way emotionally or financially did I want to go down that road again.  Just 6 months after starting treatment with Dr Brent, we successfully became pregnant on our own!   Earlier this year (2013) we welcomed a healthy baby boy into our family.  One week after he was born, he had his first adjustment with Dr Brent.    I want to thank Dr Brent and the staff at Family Chiropractic Centre for the support, education and treatment provided in helping me transform and feel healthier every day!

– Jenny

Chiropractic Care helped me bowl my first 4 perfect games & earn my spot on Team Canada


Ever since I have been getting Chiropractic care at Family Chiropractic Centre my bowling average, confidence and achievements have skyrocketed!  Before my Chiropractic care I was averaging 210 when I bowled, and not having much success in tournaments.

Once I went to see Dr Brent on a regular basis, I have bowled my FIRST 300 PERFECT GAME followed by three more totaling 4 PERFECT GAMES! My average is now sitting at 235 per game and I just recently earned my spot on Team Canada competing in Hong Kong in the summer of 2014.  Chiropractic care has significantly benefited my bowling career as well as my overall health!

– Curtis F.

I feel more energized, rested, alert and less stressed

My experience with Dr Frank has been truly amazing.  He was very understanding to my needs and he was very informative on how the spine works with my body.  Being a cancer survivor and going through chemo I knew my body suffered.  Dr Frank helped me so much through talks and even emails.  He also got rid of the ringing in my right ear that I had for 2 long years, it just 2 treatments it was gone. I can say I feel more energized, rested, alert and less stressed since I started my treatments :-)  Also Dr Frank helped me lose 25 lbs through the Isagenix weight loss system.  Thank you Dr Frank.

– Karen G.



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