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Family Chiropractic Centre Welcomes You!

At Family Chiropractic Centre, our mission is to help as many people as possible find better health naturally and then educate them so they can educate others.

Guelph Chiropractors Education is our Focus

Our focus on education gives our Guelph patients a much deeper understanding of how their bodies work, how they break down, what health really is, and what it is not & most importantly, how chiropractic can help them. At Family Chiropractic Centre, we want to help you answer the question, “Why do I have the problems that I do?” as this goes right to the source and handles what is CAUSING the problems. Once the cause is identified, patients can then take back control of their health, instead of simply patching up symptoms. This is what makes the chiropractors at Family Chiropractic Centre different. We will focus directly on the CAUSE of your health problems. Through a detailed consultation, examination and on-site, State-of-the-Art x-rays (if needed) they will determine if Chiropractic is the solution to your health problems.


Working to Get You Better Quicker

At Family Chiropractic Centre, we will suggest a care plan to produce the fastest results possible at an affordable price & we will offer ways that patients in Guelph can participate in this recovery plan. Call Family Chiropractic Centre to make an appointment and see what sets us apart from other Guelph chiropractors!

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