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Results Continued

Only a week and I have already noticed a HUGE difference in my headaches!

It’s only been a week since I have been seeing Dr Frank and already I have noticed a HUGE difference! Not only did my neck pain go away, but I also have NOT had one headache since I have been with Dr Frank. I normally have headaches and backaches very often and to go a week without one is amazing! I am very happy I have started my chiropractic care with Dr Frank!

– Laurie M.

No results with my Dr… Now I’m back to the YMCA 5 days a week!

Upon visiting the Family Chiropractic Centre my first impression was the excellent level of communication they had. Being a Teaching Clinic they helped me understand the cause of the problem. I am very active by nature so the problem with my foot was crippling to me. After visiting my family doctor and receiving X-rays and CT scans without answers or results I became frustrated. My foot was sore and swollen and I was unable to touch the floor without pain. read more»

This problem developed slowly over time without any injury so I was confused as to the cause. My family doctor recommended to get orthotics. Upon visiting the Family Chiropractic Centre for orthotics, Dr Brent examined me and had me stand on two scales simultaneously. He showed me that I was carrying too much weight on one foot due to a pelvic imbalance and explained that orthotics would not work until my legs were balanced. His gentle adjustments corrected my leg imbalance which fixed my foot problem and orthotics were then given to give me support. Now I feel great and I am back to the YMCA 5 days a week doing Aqua Fit and walking pain-free! I have also referred in all of my friends to get their spine checked, so they can feel as great as I do.

– Glenda D.

I am more conscious of my overall health

I have very much appreciated the care I have received at the Family Chiropractic Centre. I was feeling pain in my neck and back for over 6 months, and it just kept getting worse. It got to the point where I was uncomfortable riding in my car for any length of time. When I took walks I would experience extreme pain in my pelvis and have to spot and sit until it went away. Since coming for care I have experienced less and less pain; now I don’t have any pain while driving and walking. It’s only been a few short months but I have experienced a marked improvement in my health and am more conscious of my overall health as well. Thanks Dr Frank!

– Renee B.

My husband says: “Now I have my wife back & she walks as fast as I do”

When I first started treatment under Dr Brent I was living on pain killers, I was having muscle spasms and numbness in my right leg. Sometimes my leg was moving with me and sometimes it was not. When I stood up it was not certain I would be walking or falling on my face. My stepdaughter recommended I visit her Chiropractor, Dr Brent at Family Chiropractic Centre, so I made the necessary arrangements and after X-rays and a consultation with Dr Brent he started my more»

I have to admit it was not an overnight miracle, at times I had thought about looking into a cane or a walker to get around as I have osteoarthritis and osteoporosis, so I figured it was inevitable. With prompting from Dr Brent and his staff and a lot of patience (which I do not have much of) I stuck with it and I am SO glad I did. Now I am back to my old self again. I can now easily walk for more than 10 minutes at a time and stand without pain. My husband is also very grateful as he says “I now have my wife back and she walks as fast as I do”.

Thank you, everyone, at the clinic for keeping me on track to make this possible!

– Barbara U.

You are my saviour & wellness mentor

The day I first darkened the doorway of Family Chiropractic, was one that has changed my life, forever. Twenty plus years ago, I was in a car accident. From that day on I had severe migraines, neck pain and countless other malaise as no one, over the course of the 20 + years, would ever check my neck, even though I pleaded with them. To the doctors, it was all in my head. So I simply existed. I was no longer a participant in my life, but a prisoner in my pain. So on that day in October 2013, after leaving Guelph General on my way to the pharmacy to pick up yet another pain prescription, I noticed Family Chiropractic right next door. I decided to go in and see if anything could be done or if anyone could help. What did I have to lose? read more»

The first face that I saw was the office manager Audrey. She winced when she saw the grimace on my face and instinctively knew that I needed care like…yesterday! She explained what Family Chiropractic could do for me and that yes, there was a solution. Let me just say that even after the very first assessment and adjustment, I started to feel better. My neck was sore but I could move my head in ways I couldn’t previously.

My headache had dissipated and I knew then and there that I was on the right track to getting my life back! Not only did Dr Dan provide the much needed I had been searching for, but he also taught me about total wellness through proper nutrition and exercise. Seven months after my first visit to Family Chiropractic, I am pain-free. I have regained 90% of normal movement in my neck, I rarely get a headache, I go to the gym 5-6 days a week and I have lost close to 50 pounds. I am a walking, talking, and vibrant person again and I am eternally grateful for showing me the way to getting my life back and making it even better than I ever imagined it could be!

Thank you, everyone, at Family Chiropractic Centre for giving me the greatest gift of all, a pain-free, mobility-filled life that I am a proud participant in. This journey through the darkness into the light will be an ongoing way of life for me. It is one of the few blessings bestowed upon me by people who truly care about their patients. Audrey, you are the reason for my open-mindedness in Chiropractic.

Thank you ALL for being the best life coaches anyone could ask for!

– Janice K.

No longer am I a skeptic… But a firm believer in Chiropractic Care

Up until March 2011, I had always been in very good health. Then I became ill with a very bad case of shingles. By June of 2011, I developed dizziness to the extent that it was impossible for me to drive a car, go shopping and at times required assistance walking! Medical doctors were not sure if this was a side effect from the shingles or vertigo, but felt quite certain that a recent trauma to the head had nothing to do with the dizziness. A CT scan revealed nothing. Physiotherapy and medication only aggravated the more»

Family members urged me to try Chiropractic treatment, but at first I was very reluctant to do so. I was referred to Dr Brent Lipke at the Family Chiropractic Centre. On March 9, 2012 after an assessment and in-office x-rays, Dr Lipke’s diagnosis was that due to the head trauma, an old whiplash injury had been reactivated. He drew up a suggested program of adjustments to be followed. Just several adjustments later I noticed the dizzy spells beginning to subside. By early May my dizziness was COMPLETELY GONE and once again I can enjoy a normal lifestyle by performing all household duties, driving my car, shopping and even did extensive gardening on the Victoria Day weekend. I HAVE MY LIFE BACK! No longer am I a skeptic… but a firm believer in Chiropractic Care. Thank you Dr Lipke and staff!

– Marie K.

Felling better & 80lbs lighter!

This March marks a three year anniversary since I began coming to Family Chiropractic. I went to a home show and that is where I found out about Family Chiropractic and met Dr. Frank. I had been experiencing a lot of lower back pain and after hearing that it was probably due to my spine being out of alignment, I was eager to find out how it could be corrected. When I came in for the results from my initial assessment and x-rays, Dr. Frank thoroughly went over the results and answered all my questions. I knew that I wanted to get rid of the pain as well as learn how to take care of my health so I could enjoy a long life and be there for my family. Through a series of adjustments my lower back soon felt a lot more»

My other health issue was my right hip, which was deteriorating due to osteoporosis. I found out that I would need a hip replacement and that they would do the surgery in October 2010. I was determined to take off as much weight as possible before the surgery to enable my recovery to be a quick one. I went to all the information seminars on eating properly, found out about foods that contain toxins and surge training. That taught me that it is a combination of diet and exercise that helps you attain your weight goals, not diet alone. Through Dr. Frank’s support and encouragement and using the Isagenix shakes I was able to achieve an eighty-pound weight loss before the surgery.Dr. Frank has always been there when I needed encouragement to get back on track. I highly recommend Dr. Frank and Family Chiropractic to anyone who wants to be the healthiest they have ever been.

– Anne S.


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