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Regular Visits at Family Chiropractic Centre


Your time is important to us

During a typical subsequent visit to the clinic you will be greeted warmly by name and shown how to use your “magic” key fob to sign in to our digital patient management program containing all of your clinical, financial, exam and X-ray information.

You will then move to the pre-adjustment rehab area where you will be shown how to do specialized activities to relax your body and prepare you to receive your adjustment. During this time you will have the opportunity to watch Chiro TV which provides you with interesting and useful health tips.

A central computer monitor will then direct you to your table where you will lay down and relax before receiving your adjustment.

What to Expect

When it is your turn to get adjusted you may go into the adjusting room and lay down on the table (clothing stays on).child-adjustment-01Your Doctor will be right with you when he has finished with the patient before you. Depending on the style of adjusting that your doctor has chosen for you, based on your history, exam and X-ray findings, you will either be adjusted gently by hand or by using a low-force technique with a specialized table.

An Activator adjusting instrument may also be used where Ultra Low Force Adjusting is required or requested (ie. low bone density, post-traumatic, babies following birth trauma, seniors with advanced Arthritis, or persons not comfortable with conventional manual adjusting).

Following your life-saving adjustment you are free to go and enjoy all the benefits of your new found health and vitality.

Are you a good candidate for chiropractic care? Call to arrange a time to discuss your health issue in person: 519-837-1234.

Regular Visits at Family Chiropractic Centre | (519) 837-1234