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Guelph Chiropractors First Visit

Exam-Photo-02Our Main Focus – What Caused this?

On your first visit our main focus is finding out what is causing your health problems. In order to do this we will have you fill out some basic paperwork outlining your health concerns and a history of any physical traumas that may have contributed to them.

In-depth Health Consultation

Then we will perform an in-depth Health Consultation to diagnose the cause of your health problem, how long it has been there, how severe it is and it’s progression, in order to formulate the best plan of management to solve your health problem.

Comprehensive Physical Exam

Next, a comprehensive Physical Exam (you don’t need to undress) will be performed to assess exactly where the weaknesses are that are causing your health problem. We will measure ranges of spinal motion, muscle tension, leg length inequality and assess segmental spinal function.

All of this information will be used as a Baseline for future reference to measure your functional improvement at each Progressive Exam. (These future Progressive Exams ensure that you are getting continued positive results, and avoid patients hitting a plateau with their care.)


Finally, we will take a series of x-rays (if indicated by your history or exam) using our on-site, State-of-the-Art, x-ray facility.  The high frequency generator and digitized imaging system we use means the dosage to you is kept to an absolute minimum. Your x-rays are then used to determine how long the problem has been there and how long it will take to correct. This allows us to better determine the appropriate adjusting technique for you and the most effective program of care, to ensure the fastest results possible.

The first visit may take anywhere between 60-90 minutes depending on the case.

On your second visit we will explain what we found on this initial visit.

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