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Guelph Chiropractors Second Visit

Doctor's reportReport of Findings

During the second visit you will attend a Doctor’s Report of findings. You will be asked to bring your spouse or parent (for children) as a second set of ears so they too can understand your health problems and the specialized type of corrective chiropractic care we offer

Doctor’s Report

The Doctor’s Report will initially go over general health principles (How Your Body Heals, What Health Is, and What Health Is Not) then focus on How To Read X-Rays, and the specialized type of Corrective care we do. Examples of other patients’ Before and After X-Rays will be shown to help you better understand your own x-rays.

educhiro2-01You will then be shown your own x-rays and given a Recommended Program of Care outlining a program designed just for you, based on all of the collected exam and x-ray information, to correct the cause of your problems.

Finances & Scheduling

Finances and scheduling will be discussed to ensure no barriers exist to you getting the care that you need. As always should you have any concerns with respect to time or money they will be handled, so that everyone can get the care that they need at a price they can afford.

Your first Adjustment

Once given all of the information, if you choose to begin care we will give you your first gentle, safe, and scientific adjustment starting you on the Road to Better Health.

This visit including the Doctor’s Report, consultation and first adjustment will take between 2-3 hours.

Your regular office visits will not be as long as the first or second visit.

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